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We assist businesses in becoming greener by helping reduce their energy and resource consumption.

By consolidating your hardware and using electronic data management, you can take a big step forward in terms of energy efficiency.

We can also advise on converting your fleet to energy saving printers and copiers, which will make even more of a difference to your energy consumption and costs.

Kyocera ECOSYS printers are sustainable by design – with reduced standby power consumption, reduced toner consumption and reduced warm up time. As many as 500,000 pages can be printed without needing to replace anything but toner, significantly reducing waste and cost.

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Easily implement policies to make your employees become more environmentally considerate.

Restricting access based on cost, colour mode or size, restricting or limiting colour printing, and forcing duplex printing are just some of the effective workflow rules which can be set up.

Pop ups can also be customised to remind users to consider whether they really need to print their document. Additional environmental impact statistics – such as the number of trees expended to make the paper – can also be made available to administrators or end-users with some solutions.

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