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Data security is crucial to your organisations success, our advanced solutions can help protect your at every level – whether your files are being accessed internally or via a mobile device.

You can ensure your data is protected with password protection, and also ensure that transferring data to an output device using SSL encryption is completely hassle-free.

Our solutions can automatically and permanently delete all jobs stored on the hard drive of the device, at intervals defined by you, to protect the security of all critical information being printed or copied.

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The wrong document in the wrong hands has the potential to be highly embarrassing, or even disastrous for your business.

Organisations are now increasingly looking for ways to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their documents, and we can provide a tailored solution to meet your requirements.

Our solutions enable you to identify users at the device, through electronic card or PIN, to ensure their prints are only released and collected by them and that scans are only sent to their computer.

You have the option to implement rules to restrict the printing of sensitive documents by individual or group, while reporting systems allow you to look-up, track and report on who’s been using certain devices when needed.

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