Dramatically reduce the time spent on scanning and routing documents to the correct desktop location immediately with our Capture and Distribution Solutions.

With rules-based scanning and routing, everything is done automatically at the touch of a button. As your files are processed, all text is recognised via optical character recognition (OCR) technology and the document is stored in the right format, in the right location.

Standardised access and naming conventions ensure that your documents automatically make it to their destination in the format your require – whether that’s by email, fax, network folder or via a server or archiving solution

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Streamline and speed-up your existing documents processes with structured data preparation and process control.

Thanks to centralised form management you can create professional business documents with ease and present a unified corporate design, with uniform template and easy-to-create

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Effective document management has never been so easy. Our solutions provide your business with quick, user-friendly access to its documents, allowing you to manage and archive information with ease.

With audit-proof solutions you can ensure clear search functions, so you can archive documents in a structured way and so your employees can access and categorise them quickly and easily.

Our solutions are highly customisable, from implementing version control to ensure users always have the latest version of the document in front of them, to restricting certain departments from viewing certain documents.

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Targeted printing process control is a solution that practically pays for itself by ensuring the most cost-effective option is chosen for every print job.

Introducing this process helps route your jobs to the nearest available device, the most cost efficient device or even divide the job between two devices if required.

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