Our solutions will not only reduce your printing costs, but reduce the cost of running the device, from consumable to power consumption, as well.

With rules-based printing your organisation can avoid all unnecessary printing costs, by specifying which users can do what, which device if most economical for the job or limiting or restricting colour printing.

Whatever your employees need to print, whether it’s an invoice, delivery order or business letter, you can ensure the right template is generated automatically – freeing up time and reducing the number of printing errors.

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Truly understand your print costs and ensure the right resources are being allocated to the right people with in-depth reporting, which allows you to break down spend by location, department or individual.

With our solutions, you can systematically authenticate users and allocates costs according to the sources or projects involved.

Take advantage of the detailed analysis available to identify where your company’s output costs are coming from, enabling you to discover exactly how much is being printed and by who.

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