Why QuoStar

It has taken us many years to develop an offering which we feel matches the high standards of our consultancy, outsourcing and cloud services.

Originally it appeared that the mature print providers were able to serve the market, but it soon became clear they were focused on cost rather than bringing real operational value. Our clients were frustrated, so we wanted to develop a managed document solution which would truly meet their business needs.

Expert knowledge

No cutting corners

Our print and process analysts undergo months of intensive training, internally and externally with vendor and solution providers, so they can truly understand your print and document environment and what steps can be taken to optimise it.

When you engage with QuoStar you engage with consultants, who look at your business operations and workflows first – not simply the price you pay per print.

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Bespoke solutions

Set yourself free

QuoStar’s Document Solutions aren’t just another ‘out-of-box’ offering – they’re tailored completely to your business needs, through proper business and process analysis.

We understand that as your business grows your needs change, so your solution is completely flexible. We can tailor your document management and workflows to fit any requirement.

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Superior service

Here when you need us

The whole skill and experience base of QuoStar is behind our Document Solutions operation.

There’s no clever contracts here and the service is what you know QuoStar for – robust, dedicated and reliable. You’ll receive a contract which is straight-forward and simple, with our Outcome Assured guarantee and keen SLA’s – such as engineers onsite within four hours if required, nationally, and where required, internationally.

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Built for you

You're one in a million

Our Document Solutions were built for our clients – and for you.

We wanted a solution which would eliminate the pain of managing traditional print companies, whilst enhancing your business and operations. Our focus is on real business improvement and ROI not just reducing your price per print Рalthough that is one of the many benefits.

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No Limits

Set yourself free

If you have one office, five offices, or a sprawling global presence, we can build a solution for you.

There’s no geographical boundaries to our solutions – we can deliver end-to-end equipment and services around the world, through top-tier partnerships, guaranteed to the same standards as our UK operations.

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